Monday, September 26, 2011

Smothered Jerked And Tickled

Smothered Jerked And Tickled HD

A Bratty Wake Up Call

Taylor and Riley came home to find Shawn sleeping in Rileys bed. Being the brats they are they tied him to the bed then Riley slaps him to wake him up. In order to teach him a lesson Riley smothers his face with her feet while she and Taylor tickle him. Taylor wants to really make him suffer so she starts milking his cock while Riley makes him suck her toes and heels until he cums. Once Taylor has drained him dry the girls tickle him all over his body making him beg and plead with them to stop but they just keep taunting him. 
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jerky Girls TV Episode 27

Welcome to an all new Episode of....JERKY GIRLS TV!!!!!!! Kylie, Catherine, Noel & Jane are on set for the Episode...and they decide to....."Find a stupid boy and make him Kiss our Feet". Done. Boys are soooo stupid!! All four Girl get their Feet & Toes toe at a time...until all Girls have sparkly clean Feet! Host, Catherine then announces that since it is "Jerky Girls TV".....of course the boy must be Jerked-Off.....but which Girl should Jerk?? Hmmmmm. We decide to let YOU....the home audience make the decision. The first caller through @ 1 800 Jerky TV gets to decide. the phone rings...Catherine answers and the viewer picks.....NOEL!!!! So......with the other Girls firmly planting their Feet in the boy's face, Noel Jerks his cock until it explodes, at which point all the Girls laugh and applaud!!!! Stay tuned for more Episodes of....JERKY GIRLS TV!!!! Check it out HERE

Sunday, May 23, 2010